Board Members: 
 President                Trey Bowman
 Vice President       Brandon Kern
 Secretary Kathy Cuda
 Treasurer John Anderson
 Directors Heide Bowman         
  Dan Sconyers
   OPEN Position

Committee Leads: 
 Decorating Heide Bowman
 Welcoming       Diane Duclos
 Newsletter OPEN Position

The voluntary dues are used to keep our entry way and common grounds pristine. This includes maintaining the entryway gatehouses and walls, flag pole, medians, grass, shrubs, trees, and irrigation on common grounds. Please do your part to support your HOA for the benefit of our community. It can't be done without your contributions and support.

If you would like to become or continue be a member of our VDP HOA and help support our community, annual 2019 dues are due for payment in January. They will remain at $50 and you can mail them to:

      Villa De Palmas Homeowners Association
      PO Box 541626
      Merritt Island, FL 32954-1626

Or Pay Online

The VDP HOA does not provide or enforce additional rules and covenants.  All building, painting, fencing, nuisance, trash etc. guidance, rules, and enforcement is provided by Brevard County.  The Brevard County Code of Ordinances can be found here.

For now, NEWSLETTERS available via NextDoor.  Considering placing them here...
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